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Thursday, June 20

Orlando, FL

The Public Land Survey System #9631

Friday,  June 21

Orlando, FL

Trees of Florida #9726

So You've Been Called Before the Board #10766


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All courses have been approved by the Florida Board of Professional Surveryors & Mappers 

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Classes offered by licensed professionals with years of experience

W. Lamar Evers, PSM, is a Professional Land Surveyor registered in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi (Retired), and North Carolina (Retired). Formerly employed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Division of State Lands, Bureau of Survey and Mapping as the Mean High Water Program Manager and the LABINS Program Manager. His

responsibilities included the dissemination of tidal data, establishing procedures for the determination of the mean high-water line, issuance of Notices of Filing for mean high water surveys, maintaining the Mean High-Water Repository, maintaining the database for Certified Corner Records, and oversight of retracement surveys under Chapter 177, Part III, Florida Statutes.

He has conducted mean high-water line surveys and studies in Florida and Mississippi and has served as the Task Manager for the retracement of the Guide Meridian and portions of the Basis of Parallel, both being established in 1825 & 1826. In addition, he has reviewed over 4,000 mean high-water surveys and approximately 60 mean high-water studies by various surveyors around the state.

Art Mastronicola Jr., PSM has over forty years of experience in land surveying. In addition to his responsibilities associated with field crew and office production supervision and operation, Mr. Mastronicola is experienced in project management and review for development clients, civil engineers, roadway projects, municipalities, and private clients. He is currently employed by the Florida Department of Transportation D2 as the Right of Way Mapping Manager reviewing Right of Way maps and documents for road projects in District II. He is registered in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, New York, and Connecticut. Mr. Mastronicola is a Past State President of FSMS as well as a former board member and chair of the FDACS BPSM. These positions have allowed him to be exposed to many different interpretations of the laws and rules affecting surveyors giving him insight into areas that create issues and concerns for surveyors.

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